Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wedding Talk Wednesday: Florist and To-Do List

Hey all! Back for a quick WTW. I am SOOOO excited to be able to say that we are having Isn't She Lovely Florals do the flowers and wedding design for our wedding!!! Krissy and Sharon worked with Kelsey on her wedding and they just blew me away and I knew I HAD to meet with them. I know they are going to help bring my vision of a timeless and classy wedding to life and that makes me feel so relived. All I am going to say about the wedding flowers is that I love peonies and the centerpieces will be romantic and dramatic.

Yesterday we also made the final selection for Shane's and the groomsmen's attire!!! The wedding will be black tie optional and their outfits will definitely reflect that. :) Seeing Shane in his outfit made me SOOOO HAPPY and he looked the way I always imagined he would when I see him at the altar. I am glad that we are done with these selections it was stressing me out not having something finalized.

I have a lot already done for the wedding but right not what is left on my to-do list is to:
- send out save the dates {NEXT WEEK! YAY}
- finalize bridesmaid dresses*** {major priority right now}
- go to our tasting in two weeks at our venue and work on cake design
- meeting with vendors
- finish up some accessory stuff for my wedding dress
- book our officiant
- do a wedding hair and makeup trial {still have only vague ideas}
- book honeymoons haha yes two {more to come later on that}

an I am sure there is many things I still need to do that is not on this list but I will get to everything in time.

well I think that is all for now. They are pouring the slab for our house on Saturday and I am so excited! Then Monday exterior walls should start going up. I will post some updated photos soon! :)

xo, Alina

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