Friday, September 13, 2013

UV Free Gel Manicure!

So I stumbled upon this on Pinterest and decided I would try it out see if it really would keep my nail polish on longer. I followed the directions below and I have been testing it out for over a month. And I thought I would share my experience. It definitely made a difference for me. I used a revlon color stay nail polish the first time and my nail polish stayed on for a full 2 weeks without any major chips! I use my thumb nails a lot and they ALWAYS chip on me and after using this they did not really chip at all. Another thing was that my nail polish stayed very glossy and shinny for almost 2 weeks. If you want it to stay super glossy longer I would suggest applying another coat of your top coat you use. I use seche vite because its the best. I've tried the out the door and it left my nails super streaky which I did not like. Also I think this method and product helps with the receding that you often see on the nail tips when using seche vite.  I took some pics to show before and after. 

These pictures were taken right after painting my nails with the method and Gelous polish above

After 2 weeks I had the tiniest chip on my right side of my thumb which is really hard to get a picture of. Otherwise NO CHIPS for 2 weeks!

Excuse my horribly dry cuticles.

I took this one a couple days ago right before I took my polish off. It had been on for about 1.5-2 weeks at this point. This polish is by Orly and its a gorgeous pink-orange neon color.

ok haha last ring shot :)

I did this manicure last night and it turned out awesome! I used a Maybelline nail polish. It almost always chips on my so I was excited to try it with the gelous. It is an awesome red color and I think it should last a lot longer now.

You can find the Gelous polish at Sally's Beauty Supply and it is the one in the green bottle as shown in the picture at the beginning. I think its like 5-7$. I used just regular nail polish remover to get it off which is great. No need to scrape this stuff off or soak your hands in acetone.
I definitely suggest people to try this and let me know what you think! 

xo, Alina

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