Monday, September 16, 2013

House Update!

Back for a house update! We have had some serious progress going on at our lot this past week and I AM SOOOOOO EXCITED!! I literally drive by every day like a creepy stalker I cannot get enough. I took these pictures today. They put down the concrete slab on Saturday and today they were delivering the walls. Walls should start going up this week {pending weather}.

These are the steps up to our house and the entire area right there is my front porch that I HAD to have. I see a porch swing going right there on the right perfectly. It is actually a really big front porch and I love it!

Took this panoramic picture on my iPhone and you get a better idea of the porch and all the way to right is the garage. Directly to the left is the master suite and we have literally the entire left side of the house. YAY!

Our shower!!! Love love!

Those two orange/red things stick up are where my kitchen island will be. The house is a little over 3,000 Sqft {not including the outside living space} and the kitchen and great room combo is completely open floor plan which is exactly what Shane and I wanted.

Shane looking out onto our backyard. That spot he is standing at will be the back porch which we can access through French doors from our bedroom.
Now onto something so fun! Countertops! This was the thing I was most excited for in all the selections we have been doing for the house. We went last week to Set In Stone in Naples and picked out these beautiful pieces.

Above is Super White Granite {looks like marble} which will be going in our kitchen. Head over heels with the granite haha I am so weird.

Not the best picture but this one above will be the countertops for our master bathroom.

Besides the kitchen granite I think this is my favorite piece. This countertop will be going in the guest suite and I just love it because it looks like there are pieces of shells mixed in it. It goes perfectly with our coastal theme for the house and I know it will be just amazing.

I forgot to get a picture of the quartz that is going in the "kids" bathrooms but its a pearly-blue color and I love it. This above is the granite that is being used for the summer kitchen outside.

I cannot wait until the walls are up and the interior walls are in place so I can picture everything. It is hard to get a good idea when everything is so open like it is now. Hoping the daily Naples monsoons stop so that there are no big delays because I am moving in in February come hell or high water.

Alrighty then that is all for now. Stay tuned for more house updates! :)

xo, Alina

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