Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Back from Europe!

Hello, hello!

We are back from our vacation and wow did we have a great time! I originally meant to upload some photos while we were over there, but Shane unfortunately left my computer at Miami Airport Security so it was safely here in Florida. A little scary when we realized we didn't have it. Thanks to the Miami airport for getting my computer back home to me! 

I have a TON of photos and I want to split them up into a few different posts so they don't get crazy long. Showing you a few photos from all over in this post and I want to share some of our favorite things we did on our trip. I took a few outfit photos while traveling so I will be posting those later.

I am glad to be back and I have missed our fur babies so much! Our friends were sending us snaps while we were gone, which was so nice. It was great to see them even while we were away. Now I just have to unpack {AHH!!} which may take me like 2 months.

{Our first full day in Rome, doing the Ancient Rome tour}

 {The most delicious carbaronara pasta at the cutest restaurant}

{Walking Rome around right after we arrived}

{The restaurant we ate at twice in one day in Florence}

{Zoomed in view outside our room of our hotel in Rome. I thought this little apartment with the terrace was the cutest!}

{Paella in Palma de Mallorca, SO GOOD!}

{Bernini's "Rape of Persephone" at the Borghese Gallery}

 {Outside the Louvre}

{Our lock on what is left of the lock bridge}

{Our cruise ship the Norweigan Epic}

{Gelato at the Borghese Gallery}

 {Hall of Mirrors, Versailles Palace}

{Capri!!! My most favorite place ever}

{On top of the Arc de Triomphe}

{Laduree in Paris}

{Having some fun at the Versailles Palace}

So Shane and I discussed some of our favorite things that I wanted to mention from both of our perspectives. If there are any other questions about the trip you have I would love to hear them!

Overall favorite place
Me: Capri, Italy
Him: Florence, Italy

Favorite meal {this was hard!}
Me: Spicy Penne in Florence
Him: Mussels in Cannes, France

Favorite Pizza
Me: Capri
Him: Rome

Favorite Museum
Me: Borghese Gallery
Him: Uffizi

Favorite Church
Me: Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore
Him: St. Peters Basilica in Rome

Favorite Dessert/Treat
Me: Tarts in Florence
Him: Pistachio Cannolis in Rome

Favorite Country {Spain, Italy, or France}
Me: Italy
Him: Italy

Given an extra day to spend in a location, which location would it be.
Me: Florence
Him: Barcelon, Spain

Thanks for reading!

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