Friday, June 4, 2021

What I Wore In Jamaica- Sandals South Coast


 Dress {same style different print}  // Sandals  // Sunglasses  // Bracelets here and here
 // Earrings  // Ring 

Old Lilly Pulizter Dress {similar here}  // Sandals  // Bag  // Earrings  // Bracelets here and here  // Ring

Old Lilly Pulitzer Beaded Tunic  // Sandals  // Beach Bag  // Hat  // Earrings  // Bracelets here and here  // Ring

Old J. Crew Dress // Bag  // Sandals  // Sunglasses  // Bracelets here and here  // Ring  // Earrings 

Old Lilly Pulitzer Coverup {similar here}  // Bathingsuit  // Sunglasses  // Beach Bag  // Earrings  // Bracelets here and here  // Sandals  // Ring  // Hat

J. Crew Coletta Dress {you can rent on RTR }  // Sandals  // Bag  // Earrings  // Ring  // Bracelets here and here

Cover up  // Bathingsuit here and here  // Hat  // Sunglasses 

Old Lilly Pulizter Dress {similar here}  // Earrings  // Bag  // Sandals

The pink earrings were custom made by a shop on Etsy that I have purchased many pairs of earrings from. If you are interested in these specific earrings just send her a picture and she will create a custom listing for you to purchase them. 

Dress {wearing a size small}  // Sandals  // Bag  // Earrings  // Bracelets here and here  // Ring

Hi all! 

This post was requested by a few people who don't use the Like To Know It app and I can understand that. Sometimes it is easier to shop via my blog. 

You will see many of the same clothing and accessories again and again. When I buy items I really try to make sure they will have longevity in my wardrobe. I like items I can switch up accessories and make it look like a new outfit. 

Many of the clothing pieces you see are old. I tried to find a similar item to them but if I couldn't you'll see that nothing is linked. I wear a lot of old Lilly Pulitzer and J. Crew. They seem to cycle back through their items so I'd continue to check there for similar items. 

I am going to do a review of the resort we stayed at separately. So stayed tuned for that. 

We are off to the Montage Palmetto Bluff next weekend with my husband's family and we are SO excited to be going back. I have tons of outfits planned. I will definitely do a post on those outfits as well. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

xo, Alina 


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