Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Weight of the Nation

During my time as an intern at our local Department of Health I watched the four part video series created by HBO called The Weight of the Nation. It is an AMAZING series and I think that EVERYONE in America should watch it. The Department of Health had many viewings of these videos in groups and it was amazing to me how informative and surprising it was to some people the things talked about in the video. Because of my graduate degree a lot of the information and statistics I already know but I also learned a lot of things by watching these videos. You will be amazed at some of the things that you hear and I think it is SO important that everyone educate themselves. It is not about being skinny, or eating salad every day for every meal. It is about the choices you make for yourself and your family. Obesity does not discriminate. It shows up in ALL socioeconomic statuses, races, ages, and states. If you do not understand the urgency for getting the weight of our nation under control I urge you to watch these videos. Even if you do think you know everything about weight and what not I still urge you to watch them. They were informative to me and I am sure they will be the same for others. 

I know this is not my usual blog post and during my time in graduate school, weight and obesity was not a subject I thought I wanted to focus my time. But after watching these videos I realized some things and I honestly believe that if we do not get things under control we are going to be in trouble as a nation. 

Here are the links to the videos
Video 1:

Video 2: {this one is my favorite****}

Video 3:

Video 4:

Each video is about an hour long. Trust me you will not be wasting your time. 


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