Monday, October 28, 2013

Updated House Pictures!

The house is moving so fast from when I last posted so I thought I would get some more photos up. 

Front entry way

Font porch

I thought this was the coolest photo of inside. 

Master bathroom shower

Shane's study

Hallway to the laundry room

Master bath with the tub deck put in

The laundry room

Starting the summer kitchen

Guest suite bathroom where the vanity and toilet will go

Guest suit bathroom shower

Living room entertainment wall

Summer kitchen again 

Guest Suite closets on either side and the middle is where a dresser and tv will go. Thats Shane's mom and our awesome builder :)

Our garage door!!! 

Our actual garage door will have windows at the top for some light. 

Summer kitchen! Love the hood it looks so cool! The tv will go to the right of the hood as well and then we are going to set up a nice seating area around there. 

Front view of the hood and Shane's mom 

They have finished sealing the roof and everything

Bad picture of the master bedroom

and the BEST part of the whole master bedroom MY CLOSET!!! Love my closet! 

So as of now they have put in all the electrical, plumbing, duct work and insulation and I think on Saturday they were starting to put the windows in. I haven't been by the house in a few days but I am going to stop by tomorrow after work. Dry wall should be going up fairly soon and I SOOO excited for that. We might have a little delay because of cabinet orders but the house is still on track to be completely done early February. We have started picking out the outside paint colors, shutter colors, and inside walls colors which is exciting but hard. I have a couple videos of the house I wanted to post but for whatever reason blogger will not let me so I am going to post them on my Instagram. If you want to see the videos check out my IG. Username: alinamsmith

Alright well thats all for now :)

Thanks for reading! 

xo, Alina

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