Thursday, September 26, 2013

Updated house pictures as of 9/26/13

Hey everyone! Thought I would pop in and post some pictures of the house and the progress going on since I last posted about it. Last time the slab had just gone down and they were preparing for to put up the exterior walls and as you will see they have done that and put up the roof trusses. I am so excited it is hard to contain myself. I know that it will start to slow down a bit soon but I am very happy with where we are now and should still be moving in Early February. 

Above is the back of the house. Those are the walls for the screened in porch we will have. The screens will be retractable and we can put them up or down depending on the weather which I think is just the coolest thing! 
That is where the front porch will be and in the next pictures you will see it take shape. 

Walls up! I LOVE the columns in the front {had to have them} and my wonderful big front porch {also had to have}. I am thinking of putting a couple rocking chairs right there to the right and maybe a bench to the far left or maybe some potted plants. 

Roof trusses going up today! Tomorrow they will start the plywood that goes on top. 

I just love our house! 

Picture inside the house. This picture blows me away! Wow! 

After the plywood goes on top of the trusses they will seal the roof and then start interior walls {I think}. The interior walls will be steel or something like that. Then electrical and plumbing. I am most excited for dry wall to go up but that won't be until probably late October/early November. 
This morning we met with our cabinetry guy and picked out everything and made final decisions and revisions to the floor plans. The guest suite is going to be extra special I am really excited for the custom coastal piece being made for that bathroom. 
Well that is all for now! Thanks for reading and check back next week for a recap of our wedding tasting we did yesterday! 

xo, Alina

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