Monday, September 16, 2013

My Favorite TV Shows

This is a totally random post but I can seriously get addicted to certain tv shows. So I thought I would share some of my favorites in no real order. 

REVENGE {this needs no explanation} 

Game of Thrones {I love the show but SERIOUSLY people GOOOOO read the books!!!}

Every Real Housewives show except Atlanta {sorry I'm not sorry, and maybe a little OC they fight A LOT now}

Flipping Out {Jeff and Zoila literally make me cry laughing}

Walking Dead {Shane got me addicted to this show RIGHT before finals. I watched like 4 seasons in a week}

Pretty Little Liars {I feel almost embarrassed to list this one but I'm obsessed. Netflix has 3 full seasons and now I'm officially addicted. Who is A???}

Secret Circle {This show got cancelled last year and I was really depressed about it. It was an awesome show}

NASHVILLE {Omg I am so totally in LOVE with this show. I cannot get enough}

Downton Abbey {I hate the actor who plays Matthew. Like who do you think you are? But I still love the show}

Tudors {I have already said obsessed like three times but this is my OBSESSION!!! I have watched each episode no joke 5 times. And there are seriously like 5-6 seasons. I have a sick obsession with King Henry VIII. I have read EVERY book the Naples library has on him. Yes, I still go to the library}

Spartacus {This one was hard for me to watch at first if you've seen it you'd understand. Shane and I quickly became addicted though}

Bridezillas {HAHAHA I make Shane watch this with me so he realizes how lucky he is :)} 

SEX AND THE CITY {Love of my life}

These are all I can think of off the top of my head. This makes me look like all I do is watch tv but I really don't. There is a NEW show coming out on STARZ {I think} called The White Queen based on a book by Phillipa Gregory on Elizabeth Woodville a queen of England. I have read that book like 3 times and I love english history and royalty during that time and I am sorta having a mild freak out about it starting. 

I tried to make a short blog post and it didn't happen. Oh well.



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