Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wedding Talk Wednesday!

Hey y'all!

It is Wednesday again! This post will be about our RECEPTION MUSIC. 

We went to +Caroline Galati's amazing wedding last July in Naples and they had the BEST band ever! Shane and I danced ALL night long and we had sooo much fun. They played the best songs at the best times and I never wanted to leave the dance floor. After seeing that band there I knew I just had to have them. At that time I was not currently engaged haha so I just kept them in the back of my mind for when the time finally came. 

And then…. we got engaged and literally the 2nd thing we booked was…. The Brett Foreman Band. I literally called them before I think we even have a date totally booked at the beach club and told them I wanted them for our wedding. 

I am so excited to marry Shane on March 8th but I am SOOO excited to dance the night away with him to all the amazing songs the band will be playing. We do already have our first dance song picked out but I think I will keep that a secret :) 

If you are coming to our wedding just get ready to dance the night away and wake up with sore feet and legs the next morning! :)


xo, Alina

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