Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Makeup and Beauty FAVORITES!

Hey y'all! I wanted to make this post all about makeup and other beauty products that I am currently obsessed with and one's that are staples in my makeup and beauty routine. You may or may not know this about me but I have an unhealthy obsession with makeup. Seriously, Shane will tell you I have a problem. I LOVE watching youtube videos especially Jaclyn Hill. She is AMAZEBALLS. I cannot get over how amazing and what a great teacher she is. I have watched all her videos probably twice :) she is the bomb no joke. Everyone should go check her out. 

My first favorite makeup/beauty product right now is the EOS lip balm. I just got this one the other day and I think the flavor is strawberry sorbet. This may seem like a lame product for one of my favorites but I have the WORST, absolute worst chapped, dry lips EVER! It is so annoying. I just bought this at Ulta the other day and just using it for a couple of days it has made a significant difference. I think it has coconut oil in it and my momma is always raving about how amazing it is for you so I thought that was cool I think it has all organic products in it too. 
This next product is one of my HOLY GRAIL products! Philosophy's Purity face wash is so BEYOND amazing! It gets all the makeup off once and makes your skin feel so freaking clean its crazy! I have really oily skin and using this just makes my face feel so clean and fresh. I don't even need to use toner anymore. I can't rave about this product enough. This size bottle I think is 22$. It is totally 100% worth it. A bottle usually lasts about a month or more. Depends on how often I am wearing makeup. But a lot of times I just use it as my regular face wash. 

 This next product is something I use when my skin is breaking out or I need to dry it out because it is super oily. My skin responds best to Salsalycic acid and this has a pretty good percentage of that in it. It isn't really like a foaming wash its kind of like a lotion. A lot of times I just put it on my forehead and chin and let is sit for a couple of minutes and then wash it off. 

As of right now this is my favorite full coverage liquid foundation. I have the colors 120 and 123. I have been using the 123 recently because I have been tanning for our engagement photos. I use a sigma F80 Flat top kabuki brush to put this on. For how much coverage this foundation gives it feels really lightweight on the skin, which is a reason why I love it. 

These are my two favorite browns to do a smokey eye with. They are both by MAC. The darkest shade on the right is Brown Down and the shade on the left is Saddle. 

These are my two favorite blushes and I usually mix them together. The blush on the left is by ELF and its called Fushia Fushion and the one of the right is my Milani and its call Luminoso 
I really have been craving a baby doll pink blush and Illamasqua has one in a shade called Katie. That will definitely be my next purchase. 

 This is my favorite eyeshadow base to use from MAC. :)
I tried the UD primer potion and I HATED it! It dried my eye lids out so bad and no eyeshadows would stick at all. It was the weirdest thing especially because so many people rave about how awesome it is. 

 If I am having a break out this is my go to concealer. It is from Physicians Formula and I used the color Natural Light.

 So this is my go to foundation to use when I am not going out like anywhere special. I would wear this to class, to run errands, or just regular things. I will probably wear this a lot this summer because Naples is outrageously hot during the summer and liquid foundation is a joke. I use this in the color Medium Beige. Before I put this on I use the Laura Mercier radiance face primer, which is one of my of favs I will talk about below. 

 This stuff is crazy amazing! I love Laura Mercier products. Since I have oily skin I really like my makeup to look Matte but I don't like it to look dull. I used this and it gives my skin a glow without making it look oily or too dewy. Its really hard to look dewy without looking oily for me and this product helps me achieve the look I like. 

The next couple of things are my favorite lip products right now. This is one of my favorite lip combinations. I wore it to graduation and its the perfect light, shimmery, pink color. The lipstick is called Sky Pink and the lipgloss is Gold Pink. These are both from NYX as you can see and they are super cheap!

 This is probably my ALL time favorite barbie doll pink lip color. The lip glass is a MAC pro long wear and it seriously lasts forever. It is really sticky and thick which I do not mind but I know some people do not like that. The lipstick is in the color Snob (love<3) and the lip glass is in Infinity Likable. I would recommend this to any girly girl. You will love it if you don't mind the lip glass. 

My favorite bronzer! Its NARS Laguna and its amazing. Enough said :)

 Favorite Highlighter. DUH ;) MAC MSF in Soft and Gentle. 

 This is probably another holy grail product (maybe). I used this almost every time I do a full makeup routine with liquid foundation. It is in the color Radiant Rose. It just brightens under my eyes so well, I cannot live without it. I use my beauty blender and a smaller sigma brush to blend it in. I also hides any blueness under my eyes because of the slightly pink tint to it. 

 Hope this post wasn't too long. I had a lot of favorites to share :). After I move back home and have all my makeup set up the way I want I may do a post of all my makeup and storage. 

Toodaloo y'all 
xo, Alina

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