Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Sunday Sunset

We went to the beach for sunset this past week to let Lawson run off a little steam and I had Shane take a few photos of us. I don't take enough photos of Lawson and I need to be better about it. 

I got a ton of comments about my dress. I recently bought it {on sale} at J. Crew. I got an XS but I definitely could have taken the XXS. It's cotton, breathable and I love the color. I've been straying away from synthetic materials in clothing and buying mostly cotton. Lawson's outfit is old but all from Target. I pretty much get all his clothing there because when it gets dirty or stained I don't mind. 

We are so blessed to live in Florida and be able to pop over to the beach whenever we want. When the beaches were closed during the lock down that is all I wanted to do. Now that it is back open I appreciate it so much and won't take it for granted again. 

xo, Alina

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