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Life Changing Skincare: My Rodan and Fields Journey

January 23, 2017

February 23, 2017

Rodan and Fields The Neapolitan
March 23, 2017

Rodan and Fields The Neapolitan
June 8, 2017

Okay so here we go! I have talked about my acne problems here before and suggested products that I have tried and that worked for me. I really wanted to share what products I have been using now because of the amazing results I have had. 

About 6 months before I got married (around 2013) my skin went out of control. {I even took steroids the week leading up to my wedding to ensure perfect skin for my special day} I had hormonal acne all over my chin areas as you can see in the first photo taken in January 2017. I have lived with this acne for that many years and I have tried SO many products. I used to be on a prescription medication for it, but I got off it because I didn't want that medication in my body. I thought for awhile it was birth control and I got off that as well. Nothing helped. I had stopped eating most dairy products in college and thought that helped initially, but it still persisted. 

I started using Mario Badescu products in 2016 and that seemed to help a little bit. It didn't prevent the pimples, but it helped get rid of them pretty fast once they started. I went back to the dermatologist yearly and each time they told me there was NOTHING I could do for the hormonal acne other than take medication. That was really frustrating for me. 

In comes my friend Jessica Rieter. She bugged me for months to try Unblemished by Rodan and Fields. I had tried ProActive in college and had fairly good results. My skin always responds better to Salicylic Acid so I was hesitant to try Umblemished. She FINALLY convinced me to try it and I received my first kit shortly before the first picture was taken. I did two cycles of the Unblemished and she noticed in the pictures I sent her my skin was really drying out. {My skin is SOOOO oily and the Florida weather does not help it out at all.} She suggested that I start on the Redefined regimen and that is when my skin really started to clear up. I think my skin needed the Unblemished to clean out and purge my pores and the Redefine to start making the pores smaller. 

The VERY first time I tried Redefine I started with the first step, which is the mask. Next, is the Pore Minimizing Toner. I texted Jessica overjoyed because I could see my pores were smaller. That toner is literally a miracle. I don't know how it does it, but it does. I could NOT believe that it worked that fast. By March, you can imagine my shock at literally having almost no visible pimples on my skin in just 2 months!  

Now I do still get pimples every once and a while, but they don't last more than a day. If I get one I will notice it in the morning and by the next day they are significantly reduced if not gone all together. The number of pimples popping up on my face has diminished too. I used to have 5-10 all over my chin area and now if I get one it is just ONE. 

I have felt so liberated since my skin has cleared up. I wake up on the weekends and Shane and I go to brunch and I don't put anything on my face, but moisturizer. My skin has always been my biggest insecurity and to be able to find products that have helped with that is life changing. I am so grateful to Jessica and the ladies at Rodan and Fields for making products that help people who have acne problems like I did. 

You may also be able to tell from these photos that the length of my eyelashes dramatically changed. I would say about 4-5 months ago Jessica convinced me to try the Lash Boost Serum, also by Rodan and Fields. Needless to say I AM ADDICTED. My lashes are SO long and people compliment me on them daily. I always get asked if they are extensions or what I do to make them so long. Unfortunately, lash boost has become so popular that they are running out of their current supply. They have put a hold on those who can purchase the serum. 

But GUESS WHAT!! I am giving away one bottle of Lash Boost Serum to one of my readers! Here are the rules: 

1. Comment on this post what your favorite beauty product is
2. Follow me on Instagram @alinamsmith 
3. Follow Jessica my consultant and good friend @beeingjessicaann

I will announce the winner on my Instagram page Friday, August 4th. 


xo, Alina 

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