Monday, November 18, 2013

Must Have Makeup Brushes

Hey there! Sorry it has been a little while since I did a blog post. Life has been insanely busy but I have some good blog posts planned out so I will be getting them up more frequently. 

I thought I would do a post on my MUST have makeup brushes. I base "must have" on what brushes I use everyday or multiple times a week. Most of the brushes are from Sigma Beauty but thats because the price is great and the quality is up there with MAC and other brands. I learned about Sigma brushes through my favorite Youtube Makeup Artist Jaclyn Hill She is amazing and I have learned so much from her including what brushes are awesome. 

First up is the Sigma E25 Blending brush. I don't know how I ever did eye makeup without this brush. It is the best blending brush ever but it also applies color so beautifully! It is crazy soft too. If you could only buy 2 brushes for eye shadow this would be one of them. I will mention the second next. 
 Close up of the E25

This is the BEST BEST BEST brush EVER to put eye shadow on your lid. It reduces fall out so much and really concentrates the color the first time so you don't need to go back and forth trying to build up the color. If I could only choose 2 brushes to do my eye makeup with it would be this one {the Sigma E55} and the one I mentioned above the {E25}

This is the Sigma E35 tapered blending brush and I also love this brush. I use this for extra blending and try and keep it clean most of the time so I can blend away harsh lines if I have already used my E25 for color application. It is tapered so it is great for getting in the crease. 

This is a Sonia Kashuk brush that you can get at Target that is so great. It is the No. 109 pointed blending brush. I used this one every day for applying transition color eyeshadows inside and above the crease of my eye. 
Although I really like this brush a lot but I do want to try the Sigma E40 brush because I just love makeup brushes :) #whitegirlproblems 

Another Sonia Kashuk brush I love is this one below. Unfortunately it does not have any name or # on it.. Sorry :( It is a denser and shorter brush than the 109 above and I use it everyday to apply the blending shade/highlight below my brow. It blends eyeshadow out will applying it so thats why I use it. 

Next is the Sigma P82 Precision Round brush. I use this everyday to apply MAC's painterly paint pot to my eyes. You can get this separately or in the precision eye kit {I think that is what it is called}. I have the whole kit which includes the P82, P80, P86, and P84. You can use it for a ton of things including blending out under eye concealer and concealer on blemishes. 

Last is a brush that I don't use everyday but every single time I apply gel eyeliner I use it and that is the Sigma E65 Small angle brush. Not much to say except that it is perfect for gel eyeliner!

I have tons of other eye brushes that I could mention that I use for more specific occasions {not everyday} but that would make this a really long blog post to include ALL my brushes. Next I am going to show my must have brushes I use for my face. 

So if I am using my bare minerals foundation I will use the Sigma F80 Flat top kabuki brush to apply it. I will use it sometimes to apply liquid foundation but most of the time I use my beauty blender. It is an amazing brush for both types of foundation and it is definitely a must have for me.

This is the Bare Minerals full coverage kabuki brush. I usually use this to blend out my makeup when I need a heavier blend {if that makes sense} I will also use it for a lighter application of my bare minerals foundation. Oddly enough the Sigma Brush applies bare minerals much more full coverage for me so I will use a different brush depending on what is going on with my skin that day. 

 This brush I could not live without! I lost it a couple weeks ago somewhere at Shane's house and I was so upset. It magically appeared a week later which is awesome! But it was a real struggle without it. It is the ELF Large stipple brush. When I need a lighter blending brush I use this. I use it for all over bronzer application, and blush sometimes. I use this thing for so much I love it! I keep it in my purse at all times to apply my Rimmel Stay Matte powder when I am getting a little shinny and I'm in a hurry and can't apply cornstarch. I ordered this one off Amazon and now you can only get it as an add on item but thankfully it appeared again before I bought another. Having a backup really wouldn't be that bad though. 
This is the Sigma Tapered highlight F35 brush. I use this everyday to apply MAC soft and gentle as my high light. Great brush LOVE it!

I just got this brush a week or two ago and I am so in love with it. It is the most perfect blush brush I have ever used. It applies color great and blends it out! Seriously a must have! It is the Sigma Large angled contour F40. It is crazy soft as well feels great when you apply blush to your cheeks. 

My new favorite brush that has been on my wish list for months and I FINALLY got it last week is the the NARS Ita Brush. I am absolutely obsessed. Sometimes bronzer/contour placement can be a little tricky and this brush just makes it so easy. Super soft too, it is made out of black goat hair I think. Blends beautifully and now I couldn't live without it. It is a little pricey I got it from Nordstrom for 39$ but I think it is totally worth it! Jaclyn Hill has a whole video on her channel on how to contour with this brush. 

Sorry if this post a crazy long but I hope that all my readers enjoy it. I purchased most of the Sigma Brushed off amazon because I have a Prime account and I get free 2 day shipping. I love makeup and I absolutely love trying out new makeup brushes because they really do make a BIG difference. You could be using crappy products and if you have the right brushes it can change everything! Until next time…

xo, Alina

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