Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Best Makeup Trick for Oily Skin

As I have mentioned before, I have super, seriously, for real oily skin. Living in Florida doesn't help this situation out, but I have found a way to manage my Oilyness. I actually found this on Pinterest a year ago and I've used it ever since and it really works for me. So here it is...


Yes, cornstarch. The cornstarch you buy at the grocery store in a big bag for like 2$. Yup that stuff! :) 

I have used bare minerals for a long time and I love the matte version of the original powder foundation. It keeps me matte for 4-5 hours depending on if I'm outside sweating a lot or inside. Bare minerals has a product a lot of people are familiar with and it's the mineral veil. I love that stuff but if you look on the back of the jar the ingredients are pretty much just cornstarch. Don't believe me? 

There ya go! 
Right now what's in that jar is cornstarch. I put it in there when my mineral veil ran out. So I keep it in there and in my purse for touch ups throughout the day. To apply it I use a powder puff. I have a small one from Laura Mercier I use. You could use a brush, sponge or powder puff. When I first started using the cornstarch I would mix a little bit of it in with the actually bare minerals powder foundation but after awhile that was making my face too powdery so I switched to just using it when I get oily. 
If you have oily skin try this! If you don't like it then your not out of a lot of money and you can just use the cornstarch to thicken your sauces you cook haha
I use a primer sometimes and I'm in the process of trying out new ones to see how they work for me and preventing Oilyness. But some of them are expensive and if they don't work it can be a bummer. Some primers can help to keep you matte longer but I haven't found one that I absolutely love love yet. 
Hope this helps some girls because I know it has definitely helped me :) 

Thanks for reading!  

xo, Alina

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