Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ruelala Lilly Pulitzer and Jack Rogers SALE

I have been looking forward this sale for a week or so and I have been really excited. Like dreaming about it an night excited. So I got up this morning all ready and I log on and I get this screen 

Literally it stayed like this for 12 minutes and just kept restarting over and over again. Shane will tell you that I can get really annoyed and angry quickly when things don't go my way {we all have flaws oh well}. So I decided to try the app on my iPad and it was working. I posted this picture to my IG and Mrs. Nautical Belle told me to try the app as well. So I got the items I wanted and were still left in my cart and I was actually able to check out on my computer. Here are the items I was actually able to purchase.

I love this skirt I think it will be great to add to my "work" clothes. I have been trying to slowly build a professional section of my wardrobe. I just hope it isn't too long since I am only 5'4. If so then I will have to return it. I got a size 0. 

These Jacks I am SOOO excited for. One of my favorite colors is turquoise and I am so excited that I got these. I got a size 6.5. 

I was REALLY sad I missed out on this dress
I have literally been drooling over it for months and months. I really wanted it for some wedding festivities next year. 

I do have to look forward to the Lilly Pulitzer end of summer sale which should be in the next couple of weeks. My birthday is August 14 so I am so excited that I should be able to get some new LP pretties around my birthday. 
If you guys got some amazing stuff on Ruelala today please share! I would love to see what y'all got! :)

Until next time..

xo, Alina

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