Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lilly Pulitzer Endless Summer Sale!

Hey y'all! I just wanted to quickly post the things I bought during the LP Endless Summer Sale. I got some really amazing things but the sale was not a piece of cake. I was all ready at 8:00am{ish} and I got right on and then the site crashed. And it stayed crashed. I went on FB hoping to find answers and I saw that others were experiencing the same problems as I was. But WORSE than the site crashing was once it was back up I could not see any sizes, additional colors, or add anything to my tote. I tried refreshing my computer a million times and that didn't work. I then went to my iPad and still had no luck. Next, I went to my iPhone and it was working!!! During the time that the LP site wasn't working I went over to The Pink Pelican's website to check out what they had for sale. Most of their stuff was at higher prices than the LP website BUT they had the Kirkland dress in Booze Cruise on sale for 120$ and the LP website did not! I thought that was just so amazing so I snagged that dress quickly! Not to complain too much but I did miss out on A LOT of really amazing deals and some dresses that I really REALLY wanted so I really hope that LP gets their SHIFT together for the next online sale. 
So here is what I got!

Callahan Shorts in Sand Bar Blue Splish Splash. Got these in a size 00. I just love Callahan shorts they are so easy to wear and pair with just a white tank you and still look adorable!

Freja Dress in New Green Everything Nice print. Got this dress in a size 0. This is going to be an absolute perfect Easter Dress. 

Here is the Kirkland dress I got in Booze Cruise. I just LOVE this print! Also a size 0 from the Pink Pelican. 

This was the last purchase I made on the sale and I am so happy I got it. It is just a beautiful dress and I love all the details I cannot wait to wear it! This is the Janice Dress in Turquoise High Beams. Also a size 0. 

I made a pic frame of all of them because I thought it was cute!

I hope that everyone else who was shopping at the LP ESS was able to get some great things. I do not care if it is going to be fall soon. I live in SW FL and we wear Lilly and bright colors all year round. 

Thanks for reading! 

xo, Alina

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