Monday, July 29, 2013

Sweating For The Dress

I posted a picture on my IG of me right before going to the gym and I got a couple requests to talk about my workout routine or what I like to call sweating for the dress routine. I wanted to post some funny things before I get into it.

I LOVEEEE this one above. So trueeee :)

Omgosh this literally made me die laughing when I saw it. SO freaking true.

So after having too much fun this weekend and eating junk food and not eating healthy or working out all weekend I got up this morning and ran a mile in 10.40 and it made me feel so much better. Honestly the days that give me the most satisfaction are when I go to the gym or run and I am hating it the whole time. That may sound weird but that's just me. I am going to be honest I HATE working out. Seriously, I hate doing it and I never really have had to because I am naturally thin. But with my upcoming wedding I decided to start working out and really trying to become an overall healthier person. I try to get to the gym at least 4 days a week but I usually shoot for 5.
So when I go to the gym this is what I do.

First, I run at least a mile on the treadmill. Then when I am done with that I will walk a little to cool down sometimes another mile. Depends on how ADD I am feeling that day. I get bored easily.

Second, I do an arm workout every other day and the arm circuit I do I found on Pinterest and I love it. Until I found this routine I could do every arm machine at the gym and my arms were never as fatigued as when I do this 10 minute arm circuit. I LOVE it because it really works and its only 10 minutes. Below is the video. They have other good videos on this website too. After doing that I try and do some pushups. I am literally the weakest person ever so I can only do 10 but whatever I am making progress. Also with this arm circuit I have slowly been increasing the weights I use and I have been alternating 8 and 5 lbs free weights.

Next, I do abs. One of the circuits I do is hard to explain but its basically just 15 crunches with your feet on the ground, then 15 crunches with your feet up but still bent and then 15 crunches with your legs straight up in the air. I do 2 sets of planks for about 45 seconds each then do 2 sets of twisties for 30 seconds. Then I do this circuit {video below}. I know it says do 3 sets of each but lets be honest I don't have time for that so I only do it once.

Depending on how I feel and how many calories I have already burned I will go get on the elliptical or the bike. The elliptical kills me I swear I sweat like no other on that thing. I can never do it for that long. If I do the bike a lot of times that's just my cool down and I do about 2 miles on it with no resistance. I NEVER do leg day. I have really muscular legs already. I don't need to do them so I don't.
I do like to take my time at the gym I am pretty laid back so I don't rush around like a chicken with my head cut off. That's just not me. I just got a new Polar watch and it has been so motivating for me I just love having it at the gym.

Ok now that this is officially the longest blog post ever I guess that is all. If anyone has any questions leave me a comment :)

xo, Alina

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