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As many of you know from some previous posts my fiancĂ© and I are building a house in Naples. I honestly had NO IDEA what I was getting myself into when we embarked on this journey. It is a million times harder than planning a wedding. I have been so decisive about what I do and don't want for the wedding but with the house one day I like something and 3 days later I have changed it to something else. Shane has been on internship ALL summer and will be back at school this fall so its has been REALLY hard doing this on my own. Thank god for my future mother-in-law who has been AMAZING during this entire process. She literally knows everything about building and decorating houses and without her I would be lost and probably crying my eyes out after every appointment. After some long hours and looking at tons of magazines and trips back and forth to here and there I think we have some final FINAL decisions on things. Just wanted to share some pictures of things for the house and vent a little. As hard as this all has been when you find that one piece of tile that matches everything else and makes it all work it is 100% worth it!

So here we goooo

This is what CHAOS looks like. Carpet, wood, tile, paint = OVERLOAD

Ok for whatever reason the floors look different than they do in person but trust me they are to die for!!! These floors will be throughout almost the entire house except in the bedrooms and bathrooms. We found these floors at Southwest floor design in Naples. 

y'all have NOOOO idea how much work we put into this guest suite. I picked out the tile floors, shower walls, and shower floors for our master bathroom in like 10 minutes it was a piece of cake. But this guest suite has been so hard! This bathroom will also be the powder bath for people at the house to use and for anytime we have guests staying over and I really wanted the shower accent to be very dramatic. I picked out the shower wall accent first and we picked everything else for the bathroom around that piece. That is dedication! We went through 5-8 different pieces of tile flooring trying to find something that would match the shower accent since it will also be the shower walls. Finally today my FMIL found the tile and it was so meant to be I was doing cartwheels. Not really but I was sooooo happy!

Below I put all the pieces identifications haha 
The shower floors for the guest suite is a tumbled marble and it is amaze balls {side note my momma said amaze balls the other day.. I died} and we are using it in the master shower as well for the floors. 
All the tile for the house we are getting from DeMarco's in Naples. 

Now onto the "kids" bathrooms. This kind of just fell together and I love it. Agreeable grey is the possible cabinet color and with the shower accent piece and the tile floors/shower walls I think it will be gender neutral but still coastal. 

Do NOT even ask me about paint colors. All I know is I want the house to have varying shades of blue and turquoise. Why are there so many darn shades of the same color. Its exhausting. All of this is really. 

Shane and I are so blessed and so lucky to be able to build a home together don't get me wrong but all of this + planning a wedding + looking a for a job + a part time job + an internship I feel like I have barely any time to do anything but those things. Okay I guess that is enough complaining for one blog post haha. Let me know what y'all think! :) 

 xo, Alina

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