Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Our Engagement Story

I am so excited to write this post! Our engagement is so us and it is kind of silly. So lets start from the beginning…

Shane's birthday was coming up that weekend (October 13) and we were on the phone he was telling me how much he wanted to go to Naples before he started his first internship (In Mississippi) and to see his family and friends for his birthday. I love Naples more than anything but I always HATED the 4 hour drive from Gainesville to Naples. I had a big exam the next week so I was kind of dragging my feet not wanting to go. By the end of the phone conversation Shane convinced me that I would be able to study and we could still have a little fun. Really, I would do anything for that man. So Friday morning Shane drove to Gainesville and picked me up so we could drive down together. That night we went out with a bunch of friends. Unfortunately for me I drank a bit too much ;) and the next morning I was pretty hungover. Oops. When I woke up the next morning (his birthday) this is what I saw 

Shane knows my love for Teavana and need for hydration that morning. He is seriously so sweet. He is always thinking about me even on his birthday and that is one of many reasons why I will always love him. 
Shane was actually gone when I woke up running errands and getting a hair cut. He was gone most of the day so I just hung out with his mom. Later in the day I decided I needed a nap. 

After I had been napping for awhile and when he got back Shane woke me up. He told me that he wanted to take me out on the new boat. Which he had said earlier in the week too. I was super tired and I told him I didn't really want to go. He got a little insistent and said that he had already lowered the boat and we don't have to go out for long. I literally responded " Ok well I will just go in my pajamas." And immediately I could tell something was up because he got really agitated and was like "No, no you can't go in your pajamas you need to take a shower and get ready." I was still being resistant and telling him if we weren't going out for long there was no reason I needed to get dressed I would have plenty of time once we got back to get dressed before dinner. Shane started telling me how his sisters were coming soon so I should be ready already after getting off the boat. I was STILL being resistant and again dragging my feet. Sometime I just hate getting ready. I could tell he really wanted me to take a shower and look presentable so I told him "You are being really weird, but fine I will get ready." I think back to this whole thing and I just laugh because it is seriously so funny. I can be really stubborn and he was trying so hard to make me get ready. 

So after getting ready I went downstairs and he was there with his mom talking quietly and I was like hmmm what are they talking about over there all secretive like. I am really intuitive and observant and by this time I knew something was going on. Shane had the ring in its box in his pocket and he kept touching it. He says to make sure it was still there. I saw him doing this but I didn't notice the bulge from the box so I was like that is really weird. The boat was already lowered so we got in with a cooler. We went out of the cove and he was driving the boat towards the Naples Pier. When we got close to the pier he shut the boat off or whatever and took my hand and took me to the back seat on the boat. I sat down and he was still standing and THEN….

He got down on one knee! He started saying all these amazing things about how much he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of this life with me but I am going to be honest I didn't hear a single word! The entire time he was talking my mind was racing and all I could think was "Is this really happening?", "Where is the ring?", "Maybe he isn't really proposing", "Don't get your hopes up he's not proposing." 

And then he FINALLY pulled out the ring and I just started to cry! Once I saw the ring I could really believe it was actually happening. We had talked about getting engaged and looked at rings before so it wasn't a total surprise that he wanted to propose but I was completely surprised by this proposal. 
Shane said when I said yes that it was the best birthday present he ever got and he was so happy he could surprise me. (I hate surprises but he LOVES to try and surprise me) and he succeeded in that. 

At this point I was thoroughly thanking him for MAKING me get ready and beautified because we took pictures and he told me his parents and sisters were going to be waiting at his house for us. (Kicked myself a little for being so stubborn) In the cooler we brought was a bottle of champagne and some glasses and we drank a glass or two before heading back. When we got back his family was there and it was so fun and special to be surrounded by so much love and happiness. 

Right after the proposal. Sipping that champagne

FIRST ring pic. The one I sent to everyone. Don't mind my nails, my shellac was grown out. 

Reenactment for the family

Shane got us an amazing room at the Waldorf to celebrate :)

Classic bathroom pics

View from the room

This was seriously the best weekend of my life. We had so much fun with our friends and family and I was on cloud nine the whole time. Knowing I get to spend the rest of my life with the perfect man is so amazing and I am beyond lucky. 

Byeee :)
xo, Alina

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