Thursday, May 9, 2013


As promised this post will be about my graduation! I thought it would be fun to post some pictures from my 1st graduation last May and end with some photos from this graduation. Most of these photos were taken by my amazing roommate Sally Ince. She has a blog too if you would like to check out some of her photos. So here we go…. :)

I am making this face because some girl walked by in this super inappropriate dress and this was my reaction :)

My cap from last year. Super bling haha

This is one of my favorites


Obviously couldn't leave Tebow out. 

So this most recent graduation was pretty special because it felt like a re-do to me. Last year, 2 days before graduation Shane and I got in a walking accident. He made me get on his back for a piggy back ride because I was walking slow (like always) and he tripped and fell. I went over his head and BUSTED my entire face up on the concrete. Thank god I didn't chip or lose any teeth but my face was a complete and utter mess. I was so upset I cried for 2 days. My ENTIRE family came into town for my graduation and I looked awful. It was so horrible going out in public. And then I had to walk across the stage with hundreds of people seeing my face like it was. Someone even said "Omgosh look at her face" as I was walking back to my seat. After this experience I TRY not to ever make fun of anyone for anything. It is a really horrible feeling being made fun of. Because of this traumatic experience (yes, traumatic) I really wanted to walk at my graduation this year. Like I said I felt like it was a "prettier" re-do and all my classmates who were graduating were walking too. This graduation was the most perfect experience. I had just my Momma, Shane, and Dean there and it was a really relaxing day. We also graduated on Friday in the afternoon which was awesome because I got to spend the rest of the weekend with my family. 

So here are some pictures from this most recent graduation and some my classmates and I took together for fun. 

This is my cap :) Obviously need Lilly Pulitzer, pearls, a bow, and my soon to be initials

My amazing classmates and I <3

We did it!!

HEB forever 

we did it again ;)

On the big screen :)

This is my MOST favorite picture of the

l I guess that is it for now. Later Gators :)

Thanks for reading

xo, Alina

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