Friday, September 11, 2015

Lilly Pulitzer Resort Fall 2015 Last Delivery

Lilly Pulitzer Resort Fall last delivery

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I love so many pieces from this newest Lilly Pulitzer delivery... Mainly all the ELEPHANTS! This is the last delivery of the Resort Fall Collection and up next will be the Resort Collection. Fall is usually my least favorite collection, but I was impressed this year. I liked a lot of the pieces released! I love that they are bringing back some old prints and reinventing older prints lately.

1. I just think this new Elsa in Pack Your Trunk is too cute! We didn't receive it at our store yet, but it is definitely on my "To Buy" list. I am normally an XS in the Elsa top.

2. The Marlowe Dress in Pack Your Trunk is amazing! I immediately bought it. I did get a size Small this time because the XS was a bit tight in my arms. It is 100% cotton so I plan on washing it and drying it a few times until it is perfect. This dress reminds me so much of the Cassie Dress in Tusk in Sun. I do not own that dress so I am so happy I was able to get this one.

3. This delivery I love the Elsa tops so much. Especially this one in Southern Charm. It is a re-coloring of the original print from Spring 2014. I have the Eaton Shift in Southern Charm and it is one of my favorite dresses I own! We styled it at our store with the Tropical Pink Callahan Short, and it was so perfect together. If you weren't able to get anything in Southern Charm I definitely recommend you checking out this Elsa!

4. The cashmere wraps that Lilly Pulitzer creates are my favorite! I have 3 {black, pink, and blue} and I still need more! This Ellis Wrap in Limoncello is to die for. I wear my wraps with everything and they are the BEST thing to wear during travel. They are also O/S, which makes picking your size easy.

5. I tried on this Addison Maxi Dress in Private Island and loved it! I don't have an occasion to wear it coming up so I didn't buy it, but it is beautiful. The fit of the dress is incredible, I hope they do more Addison Maxi Dresses in the next deliveries. I wore an XS in this dress.

6. We did not receive this dress in our store yet, but the Dusk Dress style is one I have purchased again and again. I love how easy it is to wear and I am excited to buy this dress once it finally does make it to our store. I usually take an XS in this style of dress.

7. The Ashby Tunic Dress in Tipsy Tusks did not make it to our store yet either! I am hoping it is as cute as the photo because I really want it. How about that print name too?! So freaking cute.

8. This Captain Popover in Pack Your Trunk is so cute! I would wear it with white beach pants or with a pair of white or pink Callahan shorts for a casual look. I also love the gold buttons instead of a zipper.

9. I included this solid Elsa top because owning a few in solid colors is definitely necessary. They can be worn so many different ways. They always make a pair of shorts more elevated, but I wear them all year round, especially during the colder months with jeans and riding boots. They look great with a vest over them too!

10. I love this Rossmore Dress in Indigo Zebron. It is SO soft and comfortable. I see myself wearing it for Gator Gamedays with orange accessories and my cowboy boots or sandals. It also looks great with a scarf especially this gold Lilly Pulitzer Murfee I already own. I would take an XS in this dress.

11. I LOVE these shorts! Thank you Lilly for bringing us back some elephant printed callahans! I bought these so quickly and I have already worn them a few times. I got a 00, which is my normal size in these shorts. They look great with a tank top or with a pink or navy Elsa. These are now among some of my favorite callahans.

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