Friday, June 5, 2015

Packing for Europe...

Hello everyone!

I am back with a quick Europe packing list. It was easy to use widgets so that's what I did. All the items are linked to where you can buy them if you are interested in anything. I am going to briefly go over a few of the items on the list and how I might use the items. This list is not all that I am packing for Europe, but it includes a lot of the basics I will be taking.

1. The Tory Burch Nylon Messenger Bag is what I will be using while we travel. I plan on using my LV Neverfull during our trip to Europe and back, but while we are traveling within Europe, I will be using this great nylon bag. I will not be carrying our passports, money, or other valuables while we travel on a daily basis, so I am not too worried about having anything important stolen from this purse.  If that pickpocket is in the market for a lot of lip gloss that's exactly what he/she will get.

2.  Lilly Pulitzer has really great sweaters and silk tanks that come in solids that I love. I have linked a new Hollin Sweater, which I love because of the blue color and stripes. I really think the stripes on this sweater are flattering. The Dusk Top by LP is also a staple in my closet. I have it in pink, gator blue, and the newest Bay Blue. The bay blue one will be coming with me to Europe to wear with white jeans or shorts, and I will throw either a jean jacket or a scarf around my neck to accessorize the outfit. 

3. I am bringing three pairs of jeans with me to Europe. All three pairs are from J Brand. I have linked 2 of them above. The blush colored ones are my absolute favorite, they feel like pajamas. The white jeans I am bringing I couldn't find, but they are by J Brand as well. I was on the hunt for the perfect white jean {for me} for quite a long time and I am so happy that I finally did. 

4. I will probably bring 4 pairs of shorts. I have linked two above {white and regular jean} that I love and will be in my suitcase. I have a good collection of Callahan Shorts from LP so I will pick a few prints I like to bring along. 

5. Two scarfs will be coming with me as well. I linked a gold one from LP that I love because it doubles as a wrap at night for my shoulders. The second one is a light pink Louis Vuitton Scarf. One will be packed in my suitcase and one will be a part of my one change of clothes I bring for emergencies. I will also be bringing a black harp wrap from LP that I linked above. Harp wraps are the best thing to throw over any outfit. 

6. Shoes are the hardest thing for me to cut down on when I am packing. I love shoes {and handbags let's just be real} so this has been a challenge. The BP wedges I linked above will be the only pair of  heels I am bringing {unless I can get my nude Louboutins in Shane's suitcase} They go with sun dresses, jeans, and I think I will use them a lot on the cruise at night for dinners. I have the LP sandals I linked above in white, they are comfortable and will be perfect for when I want to wear a nicer sandal. 

My goal is to have at least half my suitcase empty for all the clothing, shoes, wine, and olive oil I hope to bring back. {Zara I am coming for you!} As the trip gets closer and closer {next Saturday 6/13} I obviously get more excited. Shane and I have been reading all the guidebooks and talking about what we are going to do while over there. We are so blessed to be able to travel to Europe this summer and we are so excited for what our trip has in store for us!

Thanks for reading!

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