Tuesday, April 29, 2014

House Pictures Part 1- Livingroom, Kitchen, and Porch


  Sorry it has taken so long to get them up but I wanted to be a little further along in the decorating process before I put up photos. We still have a LONG way to go as you may notice in some of the photos. We are still purchasing art work and knick knacks for the house. 

I am going to break up these posts into two parts. This one will be- Living room, Kitchen and porch photos. Part 2 will be our Master Bedroom and Bathroom. After that I will be working on a closet tour. 
If you followed during the building of our house you know that I was going for a southern coastal, beach-y style. I think I have been able to accomplish that so far but it is still a work in progress. I am still trying to figure out what my house decorating style is but it is fun trying new things in the house. As my MIL likes to say - "Everything is returnable" So why not experiment a little. 

Above is the "study" which turned into Shane's man cave. We are going to make one of the spare bedrooms into an office for now. 

Light fixture above the entry way. I love the birdcage look. 

This painting is SO special! It was a wedding present from my grandfather and it was painted by my deceased grandmother. She painted this many many years ago and my grandfather was so kind to gift it to us. The CRAZY part about it is he chose this photo without ever looking at photos of the house or knowing the decorating style that we decided on. This painting was meant to be in our home and it is priceless to me. 

Do I need to say it? But I am obsessed, over the moon in LOVE with my kitchen! #dreamcometrue 

Bar area

Exposed double farm sink {I had to fight for this one!} 

The rest of the photos are from our summer kitchen and porch area. The BEST thing about our porch is that it has retractable screens. If you know anything about summers in Florida you know that the bugs are a nightmare so we just could not NOT have screens. But I wanted to be able to have useable entertainment space and the retractable screens give me that. If we are just sitting outside for dinner we leave the screens down but if we are hanging out by the pool we often have the screens up. Its the best of both worlds! 

Thank you so much everyone for reading! 

xo, Alina

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