Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I am...

I am weird because…
I sleep with my baby blanket or one of Shane’s shirts over my eyes to block out light… every night
I rarely drink hot coffee or tea
I love pickles 
I hate talking on the phone
I make really weird voices when I talk to animals
Try to never wear the same exact outfit twice
I suck at selfies pictures and taking pictures of my outfits in mirrors
I have a bachelors in Biology and I love biology its super easy for me
I am cool because…
I’m a Florida Gator  
I hate FSU
I’m from the south
I am a black belt in karate
I make the best homemade corn bread

I am a bad friend because…
I never answer my phone calls, for real just text me I will answer that immediately 
I am terrible at returning phone calls but I will text you back asap
I have a hard time putting myself in other people’s shoes
I forgive but I don’t forget. Ever. 

My bestie posted this on her IG and I had to repost! {thanks Kendra!} 

I am a good friend because…
I am fiercely loyal 
I love my best friends like they are my sisters.
I will be there for you no matter the time or place

I am excited for…
Our home to be done and move in
My wedding day
My honeymoon
Having children in a few years
My best friend having a baby in December

Waking up next to Shane for the rest of my life 

I thought this was a fun blog post hope y'all enjoy some facts about me. :)


The Sassy Gator 

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