Sunday, October 6, 2013

All about my cats!

If you follow me on  Instagram {alinamsmith} you'll know that I am obsessed with my one year old cat Lucifur as well as his full sister Lilly. BabyLu is has been such an amazing addition to my life and I cannot imagine not having him around. So I thought I would post about the story of how these two wonderful kitties came into our lives.

I was REALLY wanting for Shane and I to get an animal together and since we were both college students at the time living in apartments we didn't to get a dog and confine it to a small apartment with no yard. We both love cats so that was the obvious choice. We both grew up with cats, I had a domestic cat, Coco I adopted from the Humane Society and Shane had a  purebred Himalayan cat, Jake. I knew that I wanted a super fluffy cat like Jake was so we started looking at Himalayans and Persians. We searched for soooo long and finally Shane's mom found a breeding right near us in Naples. She had pictures online of the kitties and they were just adorable! They were raised underfoot which we wanted so that they would be extra loving and used to being around people. Shane went out to see the cats and he came back with Lilly! 

She was SO teeny!!! Her head was literally football shaped and that was one of the first things I said to Shane. She was just a doll baby and we love her so much!

Lilly was always Shane's cat and for a while I had been bugging him that I wanted/needed a baby of my own. We were thinking about a small dog for awhile but I realize that was a lot of responsibility for me at the time and decided on a cat again. I need I wanted one just like Lilly so we called the breeder and asked when the next litter would be ready. She doesn't breed them constantly so we had to wait awhile. Finally she told us that a litter was going to be ready soon and I was so excited. When that litter was born we found out that some of the kitties had died and only one or two survived. I was really unsure about getting a cat from that litter and she told us she had another litter on the way. This litter just so happened to be from the exact same mom and dad cat was Lilly so I knew that this was the one. They were born on April 13 and I went with Shane and his mom to pick out my baby in June. They were literally just 8 weeks old and they were so perfect all of them. 

When I saw him I instantly knew he was the one. He was the first one I picked up and I decided in about 10 minutes. Shane kept asking me "are you sure" because it had taken him a while to decide on Lilly. BabyLu was the largest of the litter, I loved his coat coloring, and  he loved nose kisses. Thats how I knew he was the one. Below is his FIRST picture!

I knew he was going to be a handful on the car ride home when he wouldn't stop crying until I let him out of his carrier and then he fell asleep standing up in the carrier half hanging out just like this. 

 Siblings :)

Here are some more recently pictures of my 11 pound Lu. 

I am so blessed to have Lu in my life. He kept me company while I was in my last year of school and really helped make the long distance between Shane and I easier. He is a great traveler now and I always take him when I go to see Shane in St. Augustine. 
He has the best personality and he makes me laugh all the time. When the house is done Shane and I want to get a dog finally but Lu will always be the #1 animal in my heart :). 

xo, Alina

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