Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July 4th Essentials!

I was trying to get this post up earlier in the week but just got around to it now. Just wanted to quickly post some of my July 4th essentials! :)

1) Super sweet America shirts! This year a couple of my girlfriends and I decided to make t-shirts. They have an American flag on the front and on the back they say "Get Star Spangled and Hammered" I will post pics of the shirts after the 4th with all the other pictures. I also thought this was super cute tank top as a substitute if you can't make your own.

2) Red, white, and blue manicure! Duh ;) Here is a picture of mine

3) American flag cozies

4) Cute red, white, and blue bathing suit. I unfortunately could not find one that fit me properly so I got a new black bikini from VS.

5) Last but not least an AMAZING fiancé who is willing to take you and all your friends out on the boat all day and have a blast! So excited for tomorrow. Stay tuned for photos! :)

I hope everyone has a FUN but most of all SAFE 4th of July!


xo, Alina

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