Friday, June 14, 2013

Home Build Update: plumbing fixtures, toilets, tubs, and other random things

Hello Hello!

I know I have been a little MIA but I have been super busy with my internship and wedding and house stuff. Just today my FMIL and I went to Ferguson Bath, Kitchen and Lighting in Naples and picked out a bunch of stuff for our new house we are building. It was like a whirlwind and very overwhelming but I am in LOVE with all our selections and so excited!! 
We literally picked out SO much stuff. We got all the faucets for the 4 bedrooms, the laundry room and the summer kitchen toilets, sinks for the bathrooms. laundry room, summer kitchen, and my amazing double farm sink I've been dreaming of, tubs for all the rooms, shower heads and some appliances for the kitchen but didn't make final decisions on those. 

Below is our AMAZING faucets for our master bedroom. We need two of them for our double sinks and they were sorta expensive but they were too perfect to not have. I am in love with the look of these faucets and I carried this look throughout all the bathrooms. 

 Below is the faucet that will go in the guest suite bathroom minus the white plastic hot and cold knobs. They will be replaced with plain chrome ones.
This faucet will be used for the "kids" rooms as we keep saying. It is similar to the other two but obviously has a side handle. 

 Side view of the "kids" room faucet

Our faucet I am just obsessed with it! :)

Side view

The tub for our room! It will also have a bunch of jets and stuff. I forgot to take pictures of the shower heads and tub faucets we choose but we got two big rain shower heads for our master bathroom shower along with a hand held shower head for near the shower seat. The guest suite will have the same rain shower head as our room but only one and a hand held as well I think. The "kids" room will have hand held shower heads mounted on the wall. 

 This is the faucet for the kitchen sink along with the pull out thing for the sink. LOVE it!

I should have taken more pictures but we were moving so fast it was hard to get everything. We are meeting for cabinets next week and I am super excited about that. 

In other news I tried on my wedding dress again today!! I was seriously so nervous about seeing it again. I got it back in December and I was worried for some reason that I wasn't going to love it anymore. As soon as it was on I fell in love all over again and it was more beautiful than I remember it was. I am just head over heels for it and I did not want to take it off. I got a size 0 for my dress and it literally fit me PERFECT! I do not need any alternations besides adding a bustle to the dress. I can't believe I don't need alterations. I tried on my dress with my beautiful shoes and they look perfect. I just loved everything. I go pick it up next week after the bustle is finished. I would love to include some more details but Shane reads this blog so I got to keep it hush hush. He is very superstitious about knowing anything or seeing the dress. 

We should have our engagement photos soon so keep an eye out for those y'all. I cannot wait to post them! I am dying of anticipation because I haven't seen any of them yet. 

Well I'm off to take a nap. Had a very very longgggg week :)

xo, Alina

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